Our Green Promise

Our Green Promise

Stylish and reliable refrigeration, with as little environmental impact as possible

We at Husky are proud of our record in producing refrigeration which is stylish and reliable and has as little impact on the planet as possible. We engineer all of our products with energy efficiency in mind.

Superior energy efficiency is driven by better insulation and the use of energy efficient components. Our best-in-class insulation comes from using optimal thickness of cabinet walls, cyclopentane foaming insulation and low emissivity glass.

Our quality assurance is best-in-class because we own our manufacturing facility 100% and so we can ensure proper workmanship and top product quality.

We use extremely energy efficient components in our products. That is why in 2011 we switched to natural hydrocarbon refrigerant gasses (R600 and R290). These gasses have a much lower Global Warming Potential than the old HCF gasses like R134a and R404. Also these natural hydrocarbon refrigerant gasses allow us to use smaller, more energy efficient compressors.

Other energy efficient components we use in our products are LED lighting, low energy fans and low emissivity glass. And if you want to go yet one step further, we equip our Intelligenzia range of products with intelligent controllers, sensing when the refrigerators are inactive and then allowing the temperature to rise in a controlled way during inactivity. This will save you another 40% on electricity costs, on top of the extreme energy efficiency you already get from our basic range of products.

Our Green Promise doesn’t stop with our refrigeration products. Packaging can be a big source of pollution. So we use packaging from renewable resources and continuously work to bring the amount of packaging down.

To keep ourselves sharp we have our companies audited regularly to ensure we comply with all environmental regulations and best practices, as well as ethical employment principles.

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