PRO RS1250 Easyfill RotoShelf® Chiller

  • Full-length LED illumination and LED canopy
  • Fin block evaporator
  • Fully adjustable shelving system
  • Rotoshelf® option
  • R290a
  • Increased sales
  • Saves on labour costs
SKU: RS1250


The Husky RotoShelf® system is the easy way to restock for optimal results. Utilising a simple, reliable rotating shelf unit your staff can ensure your high-traffic lines are always fully faced up, with coldest beverages always at the front.
There are a range of options too for additional features such as shelf dividers, stoppers and rollers. Gravity feed is enabled as standard, and the RotoShelf® unit includes six shelves instead of five – a 20% increase in facings.

  • Optional canopy
  • Black, white or silver cabinet
  • Branding available subject to MOQ
  • Tropical specification
  • Turnloader system